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Assisting people to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally


This workshop is designed to help two families become united through God’s grace in a second marriage. It will help families accept the present, deal with the past, work through guilt, understand forgiveness, handle conflict, discuss finances, and be better stepparents.


Can Yesterday’s Failure Spoil Today’s Blessings?
An important key to a healthy blended family is resolving the issues of the past. Everyone in the family must resolve the issues of guilt and bitterness.
Strengthen The Primary Relationship
The primary relationship in a family is husband and wife.  The children feel secure when they know the parents are committed to each other.
Conflict: Make It A Positive Experience
Conflict is inevitable in any marriage. The secret to a healthy family relationship is developing good techniques to resolve conflict.
Not "Yours" and "Mine", but "Our" Children
The secret of step-parenting is adoption, not legal but emotional. This enables the parents to rear the children as if they were their own.
It is "Our" Debt, Too!
Finances can be a problem if there is not agreement. Healthy families see all debt and income jointly. Couples increase their harmony as they understand each other’s concept of money and together as a family develop and maintain a budget.



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