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Marriage, Foundation and Structure
Marriage is a complementary relationship built upon love. It is to help each person become more of the person God created.

As You Love Yourself
No one can love another more than he loves himself. This unit presents truths which will help one develop a healthier self love.

Trust, the Foundation of Intimacy
The key to sharing our inner self is trust. This unit seeks to help people develop greater trust.

Love is An Active Verb
The foundation of a good marriage is love. This unit describes the nature and foundation of love.

Competition or Complementation
Marriage is supposed to be a team effort. However, it frequently becomes competitive, thus a battle between the sexes. This unit will detail some of the basic differences between males and females. It will describe some of the ways that the failure to recognize and utilize these differences produce frustrations.

Communication, the Frame of the Marriage
Good communication is a dialogue where the thoughts and feelings of each person are communicated and understood. The unit will present ideas on how to develop good communication. The keys of a good argument will be discussed.

Child Rearing Made Simple
This unit approaches child rearing from the KISS approach. it presents the basic principles in parenting.

Making Sex Beautiful
Sex is God given for the unifying of the couple. This unit will discuss the purposes of sex, what makes for good sexual relations and the consequences of defective sex.

Keeping the Romance In the Relationship
Most marriages do not die because of some traumatic event but are killed by neglecting to deal with the  "little" things. This unit deals with some of these issues like finances, in-laws, creativity and play.



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