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Assisting people to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally


"Picking Up The Pieces: Successful Single Living"

This exciting seminar for divorced, widowed, and never-married single adults has been proved by the test of time to be relevant to the issues facing adults of all ages and cultures who experience single living in our world today.  Dealing with bitterness, rebuilding self-esteem, and forgiveness are major issues addressed in Clyde’s practical, down-to-earth manner. This interactive presentation will lead to the repair of shattered dreams, enlighten, inspire, and give a non-condemning Biblical perspective on singleness that has rebuilt hope in the hearts of thousands through the years across the USA, Canada, Europe, and in all denominations.


"Growing Together: Growth Coaching for Couples"

Engaged and married couples have benefited greatly from this seminar. Since marriage is a dynamic and changing relationship, every spouse can become a better husband or wife. This seminar offers practical guidelines from scripture on how to achieve emotional and sexual intimacy, how to build healthy self-esteem, how to foster trust and remove bitterness, how to encourage one another, build effective communication, and how to raise healthy children. Once again, Clyde’s practical approach is appreciated. He is fondly called The Growth Coach by thousands.

"Hopeful Grief"

Scripture tells us we are not to grieve without hope. Clyde has woven hope from God’s Word around practical concepts to give those who are grieving the loss of a loved one a new purpose for moving forward into the future.

"Your Blended Family"

When two families are blended together in a marriage, unique issues become apparent and often destructive. This seminar was designed to address these issues, such as expectations, finances, and child rearing in a straightforward manner to help overcome obstacles before they reach crisis proportions.

"Finding Gold in the Golden Years"

Because there are more Americans  above the age 65 today than teenagers  in our society, we must deal with older adult issues. This positive approach to aging, retirement, and re-direction of purpose in life has benefited many that needed to find hope for the future.

"Solo Parenting"

A child is not cursed by growing up in a single parent home. Single parents deal with a whole set of unique problems that Clyde addresses in a realistic manner. This material has been used by many groups to begin a Single Parent Ministry.

"The Faith Factor in Ministry"

Why have we become so competitive in ministry? How do we practice the faith we preach about in the ongoing programs of the church? Mentoring young pastors and working with associations to encourage healthy leadership is a ministry passion in Clyde’s life. His message has been received with gratitude and excitement from pastors and staff members across the nation.

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